Multi-symbol checker tool - does your paper use HGNC approved symbols?

Check your nomenclature pre-publication

We realise that many of our users will come to our website and simply use our main search box. But did you know that we also have a tool that allows you to upload a large list of symbols and lets you know whether the symbols in your list are HGNC approved, non-approved synonyms/aliases, previous symbols or completely unmatched to our database? Well, if you didn’t, you can find this useful tool here.

It’s called Multi-symbol checker and it pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. You can type in a list of symbols or you can upload a file containing your list. You have a number of search parameters to choose from such as case sensitivity and type of symbol that you want to match (for example, select only ‘Approved symbols’ if you only want results that match our approved symbols precisely).

Here is an example list that we typed in:

The results box then shows you how your symbols match our database, along with some extra info:

Any matching approved symbols are hyperlinked to our Symbol Reports where you can get more information on each gene. It’s so good that PLOS journals have included a link to it in their instructions to authors!

We’ve even provided a video tutorial on how to use this tool.

So go ahead, check your symbols. Use Multi-Symbol checker!