• Solute Carriers

    Solute carriers: You asked, we listened!

    The solute carrier (SLC) genes encode a diverse set of transmembrane proteins that transport a whole range of molecules including sugars, amino acids, nucleotides, inorganic ions and drugs. This is not a standard gene family but a very large group of over [Read more]

  • A Debate About Vertebrate Gene Naming

    Figure 1. A summary of the gene nomenclature for the AVPR2 subfamily agreed across the vertebrate nomenclature committees.

    Gene nomenclature is an essential aspect of scientific communication in biology, and has multiple functions. A gene name ideally tells us something about the gene or gene product; this might be [Read more]

  • The Global Biodata Coalition

    Have you spotted the new logo in the footer of our website yet? We recently applied to be recognized by the Global Biodata Coalition as a core biodata resource, and are very pleased to have been accepted.

    The Global Core Biodata Resources (GCBRs) have been identified as key [Read more]