• HGNC Interaction with Patient Groups

    Increasing HGNC Interaction with Patient Groups

    The HGNC is keen to engage with patient groups when possible, as their input can help us to assign meaningful, functionally informative and importantly, non-pejorative gene nomenclature.

    Discussions with The Barth Syndrome Foundation

    We have discussed the nomenclature update for [Read more]

  • Gene Curation Coalition Flagship Paper

    We are excited to announce the paper describing the Gene Curation Coalition (GenCC)’s global effort to harmonise gene–disease evidence resources is now published in Genetics in Medicine (available via this link until June 23rd 2022).

    Gencc.org gathers gene-disease associations from many sources

    Figuring out which genes to [Read more]

  • Spring newsletter 2022

    Farewell to Beth

    After 9 years of working with us, we have had to say goodbye to Beth Yates, our first developer for the VGNC project. We would like to thank Beth for all of her hard work in setting up the VGNC website, vertebrate.genenames.org, as well [Read more]