• Spring newsletter 2021

    New HGNC search application is live!

    Readers of the Winter newsletter will remember being asked to test the beta version of our improved search. Thanks so much to all who did this and provided us with feedback. On April 1st we switched over to this new search on [Read more]

  • Winter newsletter 2021

    Credit: Dr Susan Tweedie “Snowdrops at the HGNC outpost in Minto Glen”

    Beta version of new genenames.org search released

    Earlier this month, we released a beta version of an improved search for genenames.org. The main improvements compared to our current search are as follows:

  • Autumn newsletter 2020

    Coming soon - an improved search for genenames.org

    We are excited to announce that we are finalising a new version of the search engine for genenames.org. The look and feel will not significantly change but the search will feature an autosuggest function which will let the user [Read more]